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We are too busy working in the business
and forget to work on the business.

The Small Business Lounge is designed to take you out of your busy environment, so you can relax and focus on the bigger picture.

We understand the constant demands a small business has on the owners. We also know that it is so easy to get absorbed in the day to day and delay bigger picture planning. But we believe that you should regularly review all systems, processes and ask yourself are you working to your best ability?

Thinking of starting a small business or need help with your current business?
Come and take a seat in our lounge.

Let's discuss your vision

A vision starts with an idea, an idea that you have been thinking of for a while. This concept needs to be put to paper as your business plan, as a tangible pathway that you can use to illustrate your idea to professionals like us, to your future directors and team members. When everyone can see your vision, the path forward is clear.

Your business vision

This is not just about where your physically positioned as a company. Its about planning your first year, five year and ten years goals. Your business strategy. How many staff to start? How many in five years? Location size for future growth?
Here we have lots to discuss.

Your business systems

So let’s be honest with each other for a minute.
This is not a hobby, you’re in it to make serious money.
To do so you need to take your systems seriously, like your work process systems, accounting systems – just to name a few.
Great systems create great businesses.

Book your Business Ignition Consultation today.

We recommend this 45 minute consultation for all new businesses and also existing businesses that need to ignite.
We will go through your current software, processes, systems and present a proposal of support and solutions we can offer your business. Our expert advice will save you hours of trying to find the right solutions for your business.

For only $79, this consult is the must have investment for your business.

Lisa WilliamsGareth KingJustin and Allison CrugnaleJon SharpKirsty and Josh Urwin
“Formwest have been working with Brooke for a number of years. Her work ethic, knowledge and flexibility partners with our business model seamlessly. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Brooke and the Small Business Lounge to any business.”
Lisa Williams
General Manager Formwest
“I have had the pleasure of knowing Brooke for over ten years and we have regular business contact through our mutual business clients and also through our discussions on technical matters relates to Business Activity Statements, bookkeeping issues and accounting software matters affecting our respective clients. From this experience and interaction with Brooke, along with her team of experienced staff. I have developed a very high regard for her personal integrity and business acumen.”
Gareth King
Director Sovereign Partners
“Last year we started our own business and were very overwhelmed by it all. After being recommended to Brookes Books it all became clearer. Brooke was always available to us and made us feel comfortable asking any question, big or small. Thanks to Brooke and her team we have a life again! We can leave all the paperwork and headaches to them!”
Justin and Allison Crugnale
Absolute Bathroom Renovations
“We have been utilising Brooke’s Books for almost two years and couldn’t be happier. The entire team from Brooke through to Marlaina and now Kerrie are an absolute breath of fresh air and invaluable partner to our business. They understand the nuances of running a small business and provide support and advice that it over and above what you would expect from a bookkeeper. And now with the creation of the small business lounge we can’t wait to extend our partnership and collaborate”
Jon Sharp
Managing Director, The White Room
“We have been with Brookes Books since July 2011. Brooke and her team have been a vital part of our business. They have helped us grow from a 2 man business into a 7 man business. They have guided and educated us along the way with great advise and support.”
Kirsty and Josh Urwin
Inex Pro Outdoor Living Design and Construction

Brooke's Books
Our Bookkeeping Hub

The Small Business Lounge was created from Brooke’s innovation and holistic approach to small business after 9 years experience growing her bookkeeping business, Brooke’s Books. Our bookkeeping hub is located within The Small Business Lounge and all new and existing clients will benefit from our diverse range of services.

We welcome you to take a look at our Brooke’s Books website.

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